Cloud Reports // New Report // Repeat Customers

published by Suzy on 04/05/2016 11:41:47


This week we’ve made an addition to Cloud Reports – the Repeat Customers report (find it under Customer Reports).


Why is your repeat customer rate important?

  1. Repeat customers are more likely to convert. In fact on their second visit to your online retail store - customers will be 500% more likely to convert, on their third visit they’ll be 1000% more likely to make a purchase. Source: Adobe digital index report
  2. They spend more – the average order value of a repeat customer is higher than a new customer.
  3. The cost of acquiring a new customer is 4 times that of keeping an existing customer.


This report shows your customer sales in a given time period and shows which of those customers have purchased from you more than once. Apply a date filter and you’ll get your repeat customer percentage during that time, plus your lifetime percentage for comparison.




You can use a Channel filter to see repeat customers by channel -




You’ll also get a complete (filterable) list of customers who have bought from you during the time period, whether they are a repeat customer or not, with visits and spend during that period and over their customer lifetime with you.




If you have any questions or you’d like to have a free demo of Cloud Reports then give your account manager a call and we can discuss options with you.